Monday, July 29, 2013

Barn Painting

As promised, this is my painting of the barn posted yesterday. I had painted this a couple years ago and loved how the clouds and the barn wood turned out. But the rest could've been better, but I never said I was much of a painter!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I took this barn picture a couple years ago, but it's not far from where I work. I love the look of this barn but unfortunately it's in a weird spot and tough to photograph. I will not trespass onto people's property to get a better photo, but may someday start asking for permission to get better pictures. This one, I just Photo-shopped a bit to focus more on the barn and not all the brush that was hiding it from the roadside view. And one cool feature that would've been even better was the broken down old truck sitting next to it, but it also is too hidden by weeds. But the character of this barn was cool enough that I still liked the picture enough that I tried painting a picture of it a while back. Maybe that will be tomorrow's post, the mediocre painting I did..

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hello there and welcome to my new blog about barns and photography, A Barn a Day. I'd like to introduce you to myself. My name is Jason Burchard and I'm a writer/photographer/father/casino worker from Paoli, Indiana. I was born in Bedford, Indiana and went to Indiana University where I earned my bachelors in Marketing in 2001. Currently I work as a dealer/supervisor at a casino. It isn't my dream job but it helps pay the bills. Back in November 2012 I started an old time photo studio in West Baden. The shop has been a challenge for sure but has been very rewarding for me. Today on my way to open up shop, I spotted some crows on top of a barn, so I whipped back around to snap a good picture. Afterwards, I started to think about how I love barn photos and there are so many around here, that I could start this blog. So, here it is. They won't all be taken the day of, but I will do my best to have a new barn photo each day. Some might be the same barn but from a different angle or time of day, but I think this could be interesting. Plus, I'll tell all the adventures associated with hunting for and photographing the barns. I hope this will turn out to be fun for all of us.
- Jason Burchard